Seven Advantages

★ One: Brand Advantages

Yunchang Industry is a high-tech enterprise focused on the production of high-quality fasteners and a small and medium-sized enterprise specializing in precision, innovation, and innovation in Hebei Province. It is one of the early initiators of standard parts in the 107 county-level characteristic industrial clusters in Hebei Province - the Handan Yongnian Standard Parts Industrial Cluster. It has a history of over 30 years in fastener production and always adheres to the concept of "honest management and quality based", It is a shortlisted supplier of power grid UHV products and a standing director unit of Transportation engineering Facilities Branch of China Communications and Transportation Association. It is Yunchang people's unremitting pursuit to continuously promote the shaping of Yunchang brand with the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. The company has successively provided products and technical services for the construction projects of several expressways in Beijing Xinjiang, Beijing Taiwan, Beijing Germany and Beijing Xiongyang, as well as the world's largest UHV power transmission project Changji Guquan ± 1100KV line, underground pipe gallery project in Xiong'an, offshore wind power project, northwest solar photovoltaic power generation project, etc. The performance and indicators of the products have met the requirements of relevant standards, and they are also exported to Southeast Asia, Africa Overseas markets such as South America.

★ 2: Product Advantages

Yunchang people have been focusing on research and development and production of high-quality fasteners for thirty years. They are designated suppliers for power grids and products for large-scale transportation facilities. In addition, products with greater market demand will also be launched, with a daily output of about 500 tons, such as high-strength fasteners, steel structure fasteners, exterior wall insulation anchor bolts. After the above products are put into production, they will always adhere to the high-quality line, and the product quality can be comparable to that of global enterprises. The product uses are in high market demand. A complete product system and strong follow-up production support are conducive to better guarantee and serve customers on a larger scale.

★ Three: Price advantage

Yunchang Industrial Company is headquartered in Handan, a cheaper production base for steel in China, with a transportation radius of no more than 30 kilometers, resulting in lower purchase and transportation costs. Handan belongs to four categories of cities in urban development zoning, and its labor costs are much lower than most cities in southern China. The company has invested 350 million yuan in the new factory area, with key equipment and processes using domestically and internationally advanced production lines, greatly improving product quality and efficiency. The entire process has no external processing, and the entire industrial chain is produced. In addition, the government's policies towards our company are biased, and the local costs of water, electricity, and natural gas in Handan are only 50-70% of those of southern enterprises. Combined with standardized management systems, we ensure that the company's costs are low in terms of raw materials, equipment, labor costs, large-scale production, strict management, and other aspects. However, the quality of our products is relatively good in the industry, and our advantages are still evident in the fierce market competition.

★ Fourth: Logistics advantages

The storage center of Yunchang Company is located in Handan, Hebei, which is the main distribution center for Chinese hardware products. It has a large standard parts trading distribution center and logistics center in the country, with convenient transportation and low storage costs. Unified nationwide distribution can achieve "small batch, multi category, and multi batch" logistics distribution, greatly reducing customer procurement costs. Some companies also adopt reverse thinking. In the past, when shipping, they changed from searching for vehicles from the origin to searching for return vehicles from the logistics network for complete vehicle delivery, ensuring that the entire delivery process can achieve lower logistics costs and shorter travel time, ensuring that the goods are delivered to the designated location by the customer at any time.

★ Fifth: Service advantages

The company headquarters adheres to providing one-on-one services, from product quotation, order processing, logistics delivery, payment settlement, customer inspection reception, and other work responsibilities to individual tracking and handling. The company also has well-established operational institutions such as a new product research and development center, a special-shaped product processing center, a key customer tracking service center, an enterprise publicity center, a human resources center, and a marketing training center. In addition, in order to provide better service, the company has set up a complaint hotline to ensure that customer opinions and suggestions can be quickly fed back to the company's senior management, and will be handled and resolved in a timely manner. At the same time, the company also has a after-sales service team scattered throughout the construction site, which can solve various technical problems for users at any time.

★ Six: Production Advantages

Focusing on various high-strength and high-precision fasteners such as national standards, American standards, and German standards, as well as ultra-high voltage power accessories, highway traffic safety facility accessories, railway accessories, various types of foundation embedded parts, steel structure accessories, pipe gallery supports, seismic supports, and other new building accessories, we have 200 sets of various production, processing, and testing equipment, including four station bolt forming machines and six station nut forming machines produced by Taiwanese enterprises Heat treatment production line and ceramic electric Negage Hot-dip galvanization furnace, with an annual design output of more than 100000 tons.

★ Seven: Innovative Advantages

Yunchang Company always places technological innovation at the forefront of enterprise development. The average age of middle-level and above management and technical personnel in the entire factory is around 35 years old. It is a team that dares to think, do, and act. Among them, more than ten patented products such as "cone shaped anti-theft nuts" and "circular composite anti-theft bolts" independently developed have been widely promoted and applied in transmission line engineering. The company has an A-level research and development institution in Hebei Province, and is equipped with over 30 sets of tensile testing machines (200T, 100T), impact testing machines, various hardness testers, metallographic fiber microscopes, salt spray testing machines, flaw detection machines, torque coefficient testing machines, hydrogen embrittlement preload testing machines, metal element analyzers, and related equipment instruments to ensure the continuous development of research and development.